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The teamPosted by Ulf Stadig 06 Jun, 2009 23:55

Name: Håkan Nilsson
Born: 1963
Hometown: Eslöv
Main Tasks: Team Owner, Driver, Tuner, Clutch

Håkan Nilsson became the first Swedish FIA Top Fuel Champion 2006 to add up to his earlier successful years in Pro Modified were he has FIVE championship titles under his belt. This is pretty much an unbeatable achievement and to our knowledge there isn’t anyone out there that has been champions in the two classes of Top Fuel and Pro Mod.
After a long consideration the winter 2006 Håkan decide to retire from professional drag racing for that time.
The reason was multiple, but health and family issues as well as business commitments made him take that decision for the 2007 season. But what the future should have for the long time drag racer no one knew, the talk about a come back was going on from time to time. And the winter / spring 2009 the final plan came to an end as Håkan and Ulf Stadig went over to the states to watch some cars and made up the deal on the blown 57 Chevy.
Håkan works hard with two companies and are sharing his life with his wife Michéle and their two sons Henry and Herman. When Håkan is off from racing and work he likes to go around in the south with his old cars and bike or to take care of his properties around his farm house.


Name: Ulf Stadig
Born: 1972
Hometown: Falun
Main Tasks: Crew Chief, Tuner, Computer, Mechanic

Ulf Stadig is hard to put on a work list. Earlier he didn’t do so much work on the car, but now he might get his hands more dirty as the team could from time to time be short handed on peoples. Since the walking over to the dark side “the blown” he has been trying hard to keep up how these cars works and Håkan and Ulf will get there heads together in the tuning compartment. He will take care of some paper work and fix the new blogg based website that hopefully will be updated regularly with pics and reports from the race track. Ulf works as a CNC machine operator on a mechanical workshop. He is living with Carina and on the spare time his interest is golf, Pro Mods and sports in general.


Name: Markus Larsson
Born: 1967
Hometown: Marieholm
Main Tasks: Working for Andersen Racing / Carter Motorsport, Clutch, Rear end, Tires

Markus Larsson is together with the Danish Andersen racing team to help Andy Carter to reel in another FIA Top Fuel title after the latest one in 2008.
He works on the clutch and takes care of the rear end of that top fuel dragster.

When the 57 Chevy is going to need attention and isn’t conflicting with his other schedule he for sure will show up and help his old Nilssonmotorsports buddy’s out.

And Markus is the guy that will take care of what ever you throw at him
“Mackan” works as a local manager/foreman and is living together with Marie. On his spare time he takes a cruise with his Caddy -50 Coupe our on his veteran Harley Davidsons.


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