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A weekend of success for the Nilssonmotorsports team.

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 13 Sep, 2011 21:28

We won the last competition in the Scandinavian Dragracing Series on Malmö Raceway this last weekend. It was the “classic” event Winternational’s that was the final event for the “SDS” Top Doorslammer Championship this season.
We had nothing to do in the points battle for the Championship win and that wasn’t our intention either as we are running when we like to do it. Hopefully we didn’t mess up the points too much for the teams battling for the points.

The success started already during the Fridays first qualifier, when we were sitting in the staging lanes watching Bertan Olofsson go a 4.01 in our right lane, then we knew the track was all OK.
Håkan let the clutch out and recorded his first 3 second run with a 3.993 / 295.45Km/h / 183Mph, the run was a little loose as there hadn’t been so many power full cars yet on the track. Back in the pits everything looked just OK and from the Racepak onboard computer we could see there was more to come.

For the second run we had to try the left lane and left the car pretty much the same as we wanted to see how that lane was and if we could repeat the numbers again, the 57 went a 4,01 this time and it felt so good to see it go down the track!

Back to the computer again and knowing that we had the right 3 second lane again for our third and last qualifier for the day we made some adjustments to the car so it should be faster. This time it was sunset and a really nice evening run and when Håkan lit the scoreboards with a 3.984 it was just so awesome!! Too bad the Lindahl Twins had gone a 3.980 , but we could’t really be mad about that since our two year dream had come to an ending.

First round Saturday, tried to step up in the left lane but it didn’t pick up as we wanted and ran a 4.019, were happy for the consistency we were able to show at least.

For the next round once again in “our” fast lane, this time the car was pumped up and ready to go a lower 3 sec run and maybe see a 300Km/h run. The run looked good in the beginning but slow in the end and a 4.10 came up and made me worried about what was happening.
Getting the file up on the computer was telling the truth, driver error. Not often it happens but somehow Håkan got from first to third gear and slipped the clutch pretty badly.

Then it was hard work to change the clutch, made it in time for the next run but didn’t really know where to start with this fresh pack of discs and floaters. Didn’t really step back the way we should as the 57 spun the tires almost of the line. Due to some delays the first elimination run had to be during the Sunday morning instead of Saturday evening as planned.

Had a pretty good night’s sleep maybe a little bit worried about how to set the car up, we had to run Stefan Carlsson in the first round. During Sunday morning the car was set up a little bit soft as we wanted to see it go down the track and not shake our spin the tires. It went good as we took the win with a 4.029 in our favorite right lane.
After that we had to meet Mathias Wulcan in his Corvette 63, he had been running a good 4.10 in his first elimination run.
Everything looked good after our first run and gave it some more power to try and make it quicker but it didn’t respond that good but we took the win light anyway with a 4.038 to Mathias 4.10.

For the semifinal we had the “Rockstar” Rimbert Wahlström as opponent, didn’t do much of changes down in first gear as the car was pretty solid there but tried again to improve our top end numbers. Rimbert took a red light and Håkan once again drove a 4.038 / 296 for the win. It felt just awesome to be in the final. In the other half of the field our good friend and buddy Martin Lundkvist had made his way to the final and now it was getting late, dark and cold at eight a clock in the evening.

We took out a lot of power and clutch since the previous run was nothing but straight, didn’t really feel safe about the track conditions but couldn’t risk to much since Martin is a fast guy.
Rolling up for the final was a bit nervous but fun since we were running Martin, but Martin shut off in stage and Håkan let go and drove in to shake and pedaled and got back on to it in a sliding 4.40 run as he didn’t know Martin was standing still at the start line.

The victory was so sweet together with the 3 second runs and made the weekend incredible!!
Have to thank the team of Håkan Nilsson, Ulf Stadig, Lars-Benny Pettersson, Markus Larsson, Christian Laursen, Robin Bergman for the great work during the weekend.
Thanks Malmö Raceway and Lee Child for an awesome track and event!
Big thanks to my / our friend Mike Canter who helps us out whenever we have some questions about what not..
Thanks also goes to all our friends that we are talking racing to from time to time, can’t name everyone this is already getting to long….you should know who you are!!

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