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Malmö Nationals reflections.

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 10 Jul, 2011 12:05

Now one week has gone since the win at Malmö, it was nice to make some runs again after the Tierp event.
This time we tried to tune the Nilssonmotorsports 57 in a kind of different way than we have been doing earlier.
The plan was to slip the clutch more and see how everything worked out then, the car got down the track pretty good but since the track was really good and the air was not the best, that gave us some problems to get the car to perform in the low gears. It might be that we didn't slip the clutch enough but we might try this out more at another time.

It was really sweat to get a win after a string of 4.20 runs but the need for speed is still there and we will try our old way to run the car at the next event.

Our next outing will be the Power Street Finals Reunion at Malmö Raceway in the middle of August, in our two outings at that event we have been fastest and that's what we are looking for for this time also!! The 3-sec run must come then!!!

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