Håkan Nilsson

Former 5 Time European Promod Champion and First Swedish FIA Top Fuel Champion...

2 rounds made @ Sweden Internationals @ Tierp Arena

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 10 Jun, 2011 19:25

First day completed here at an awesome race track, the arena is good looking and the track has the potential to go fast on.
Unfortunatly we are not really there yet. First round for us was a little of a check out pass since this is the first time on a 402m track.
We decided that Håkan should let of a little early so we shouldn't hurt any parts and ran a 6.46 / 311 Km/h.
Everything looked good with the motor and all other stuff so we worked on a plan for the second and last round for today. We needed to step up and go faster so changes were made, we pulled out for our run and could see our buddies run fast in front of us.
This time we improved to a 6.34 / 350 so our changes helped but not that much that we wanted, but we are in the right direction and nothing is hurt so it is just to step it up more for tomorrows rounds.

The clutch is now out on the car and we are checking the engine and it looks really good, just need to put it toghter and work out a game plan for tomorrow.

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