Håkan Nilsson

Former 5 Time European Promod Champion and First Swedish FIA Top Fuel Champion...

Chevrolet -57 PM / TD

The CarPosted by Ulf Stadig 12 Jun, 2009 14:31

Built by: GPS Race Cars and updated by Stroupe Race Cars to blown specs. Put togheter by Kelly Martin and his friends and family
Engine: Brad Anderson Stage 6 with a Kobelco K11

Ignition: MSD, Electrimotion

Fuel system: Electrimotion 4 stage fuel managment

Clutch: Ram 10"

Gear box: Lenco 3 Speed

Rear end: MW Modular

CPU: Racepak V300

Rear Tires: Good Year

Fuel: Methanol

Best ET: A couple of 4.088 at 176 Mph / 282 Km/h @ the 1/8 mile is the best so far for Håkan Nilsson down at Veidec raceway in Malmö which is the home track for the team. Earlier owner Kelly Martin ran a 3.92 / 188 at the Dragstock IV 2007 and short after that the car get parked until it now showed up in the Nilssonmotorsports camp.

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