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Fastest Car at the Street Finals Reunion 2010.

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 14 Aug, 2010 18:47

This weekend at Veidec Raceway in Malmö there has been the 2010 Power Street Finals Reunion. Yesterday evening was a real nice warm one and the track was as good as it should be.

We put up the car pretty much the same as in our 6.36 run at Mantorp Park with some changes to the fuel system and it reacted good. Håkan made a good job on the run as he made a quick pedal job and still recorded the fastest time for the event with a 4.15 / 279Km/h.

After the run some stuff had gone bad and the guys made good work to get it fixed, thanks to Martin L, Ola M, L-B and the teams from Paddan Jönsson and Brag brothers we managed to get in a last run for the night. To that run we just made some minor adjutments and it didn't help as the car shooked and Håkan lifted and coasted down the track. The nice thing was that no one improved and took us down from the top spot. Paddan Jönsson ran a 4.18 and Lars Olsson a 4.25.

When we got up this saturday morning it was raining and it pretty much never stoped and the event was called off at afternoon making us the winners of the event. Not so nice but to be on the top spot is allways nice...
We got some nice trophys to put up with all the old ones.

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