Håkan Nilsson

Former 5 Time European Promod Champion and First Swedish FIA Top Fuel Champion...

Out in the first round at Veidec Festival.

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 07 Aug, 2010 11:43

During the afternoon at the Veidec Festival it stopped to rain, the sky wasn't the most beautiful and the track had been wet most of the day. We were up against Fast Freddy Fagerstöm who qualified with a high 6.2 run.
From the beginning we were set for a good run I guess but as we came closer to run we made some bad tuning decisions and calmed the 57 down. Sitting in the next last pair I saw the other guys do good runs but didn't have the faith to give it some more. We lost our run against Freddy as he drove a high 6.2 again and we came down on a 6.50. Lesson leard I hope!

It's allways bad to lose but as we are pretty new in to the blown world we are learning what and what not to do.

After our run there was just one round of TF going down the track and then it really started to rain, Håkan was really wet getting back to the pits as it was just raining like hell. The event was cancelled after that. And we loaded and went home.
I brought our US mechanic Andrew Maye with me back home to Falun and we have had a couple of good days hangin out toghter visiting the Classic Car week in Rättvik and doing sightsing around Falun.

Big thanks for your help Andrew!!

We are now looking forward to go down to Malmö again next weekend and try to get after some more succesful runs again...

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