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11 Qualifier, feels almost like winning!!

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 31 Jul, 2010 20:57
To this mornings run we had made changes to the car to pass up with the weather that looked promising, everything went good and we came down the track all way under power and recorded a 6.40/348. Everything looked good with the car just a little bit wild at the gear changes.

our second round we made some more adjustments and Håkan was a better driver this time hitting his shift points and doing a good job. We managed to run a 6.36/353 and was more then happy and understanded that it should put us in the field.

We qualified at 11 spot and are so happy with that, not the best numbers but this is our third run down a quarter mile track with this blown combination and that makes us happy.
Our run was still a little bit wild and we need to work with the clutch to make it smoother down the track for tomorrows eliminations. Still everything was looking good with the engine, I have to put in a big thanks to Mike Canter who is our tuning advisor back in the states and helps us to maintain the engine happy and safe.

The eliminations starts early tomorrow and it's going to be a nice reuninon with Fast Freddy in his blown pick up, they have been fighting hard but put in a 6.29 in the last round and put them on 6 spot. We have been battling our many times during the years so it's going to be fun. I hope it will put some pressure on them because we are pretty much satisfied already.
We will now do some tuning then it will be a good nights sleep!!!

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