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First run at Veidec Festival

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 30 Jul, 2010 17:40

A few hours ago we made our first apperance in the FIA Pro MOd Championship, it was also our first ever quarter mile lap with a blown alcohol car. We pretty much set it up like we do down at our home track in Malmö but with safety marginals for the back half on the fuel system.
But the run was pretty much the same that we have experied in our earlier attemtps as the car shock at 60 foot and was going sideways pretty much, the plan was set that Håkan should get on it again if it happend and he did and recorded a 7.54 / 301. It was atleast to get a pass in to so that the engine worked for the 402 meters. A few pairs after us the rain came in and put a hold on the race, the last cars in teh field has just made there runs and we are still in the field at 13 spot.
We have now had time to set the car up for tomorrows round and we should be good to go it the weather will cooperate. The plan is not to be as aggresive adn be able to go all way down the track.

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