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Nilssonmotorsports off season report!!

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 22 Nov, 2009 18:19

It has now gone a long time since our last event Winter Nationals at MECA Raceway, it didn’t really go our way then. I think that was the first time ever that the Nilssonmotorsports team didn’t qualify for the race day on Sunday. It was tough but as newcomers to the “blown” side of doorslammer racing we made some mistakes and had some bad luck.

The worst part I guess was that we were still racing the rear slicks that had made pretty many laps in US in 2007 and which we still used this season. We had been talking about to make a change but as they had worked good earlier in the summer with two wins we thought they could make it for a last event also, but they pretty much died and that together with the real cold weather ended our so far good season. Winning two out of three events and to be second quickest and fastest also on Meca raceway was sweet, and that on our rookie season with a combination that we even didn’t know how to start the engine with a few months earlier feels good anyway!!!

Getting in to the blown alcohol deal this season has been really fun and exciting, I can tell that there has been many nervous moments as we have had no experience with this combo earlier. We had contact with the engine type in the TF, but that didn’t really gives us anything helpful for running a blown alcohol door car.

We are therefore very thankful for all the help we have gained from all our friends during this deal, all the way from buying the car from the very nice Plyler family and to the whole family/team of earlier driver of the car (the 57) and now recently third man in the ADRL points Kelly Martin. One man that has been helping out and been a big asset with tuning advice and provided us with answers on all kind of questions/thoughts is Mike Canter, and for that we are so thankful!

Last but not the least are all the guys running Pro Mod or Top Doorslammers that has kindly been answering all kind of questions that we have shoot at them on our off the tracks around, it’s so nice with the great atmosphere that is surrounding the dragracing community. Thanks Guys!!

What about 2010 then? Well it pretty much depends, we don’t really have made up any plans yet. The engine is for sale and that is a good deal on a nice engine that has a lot of horsepower still in it. I can pretty much guess that we have had one of the mildest tune up’s in it during this season and we haven’t hurt a single part either on like 30 1/8 mile passes and still recorded a few 4.08’s. If we get it sold there is two possible ways to go and that is a new Brad Anderson engine either with a legal PM set up our a screwblower configuration. But I guess that we will stick with a FIA PM legal set up as I can feel that it could be cool to be able to maybe show up at the Veidec Festival our some other FIA rounds. But that depends on if we can get this “thing” running as good as the top guys in the PM class does, but that’s something we have to try and work out when the season opens up this upcoming spring. We are going support and race “our local home track” MECA Raceway down in Malmö which is an awesome place to be at with a great and friendly atmosphere and peoples all the time.

I can tell that we are looking forward to the 2010!!

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