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Winter Nats @ MECA Raceway.

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 04 Sep, 2009 22:41

First day of Winter Nats at MECA raceway didn't really end up that good, there is no one to blame and we feel that we are still learning. The track conditions was totally diffrent from what we have been used with this summer and the adjutments we made wasn't enough. First round we blew the tires at the first hit, we made some adjustments to the second round and we went a little bit further but it wasn't good enough. Hopefully lesson learned. We can just congratulate the Old 51 team that came out and ran a 4.07 in their first run!! We are now on 9:th qualifying spot and hopefully the weather will be good to us tomorrow. There is four runs scheduled for tomorrow and it starts out at 11.00 and ends at 19.30, can't remeber the other times.

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