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Cramo Nats 22/8-09

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 22 Aug, 2009 14:48

We are now at Cramo Nats at MECA Raceway, yesterday was called off because of rain but today it is all fine.
This morning we went out early for our first run, the air was really good and the track was pretty green so we blew the tires off.

After some adjustments we made another hit and it went down the track on a real nice 4.102 / 282 Km/h. We have now checked everything out and it looks sweet!!
We have now made some tuning and are looking to get an even better ET...

One can think that we got Santa coming with packages before this event but it was Andrew Maye cousin to 2007 ADRL driver Kelly Martin visiting us and helping us out with a vacation tripp from the states. He brought some packages from BAE and a new fresh weather station from Kestrel and not the least a 4-stage fuel managment from Lehay at EM. The Leanders Bros also sent us a valve checking tool. It's like party time...:-)

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