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End of 2:nd day at MECA Nationals and # 1 Qualifier!!!

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 04 Jul, 2009 19:48

I have been lazy but here comes the report as the qualifying is done here at MECA raceway.
During the friday evening we were drifting left on our two rounds, recording a 1,03 and a 1,01 60 foot times with to little clutch in it.
Saturday morning we made some adjustments to the car and our first try was once again soft with some tire shake so it was back and do the home work to next round. That was at noon and the track temp was increasing rapidly to a 117 F but it ended up good and Håkan managed to short shift to second when it started to shake and it went down on a 4.215 / 271 Km/h 168 Mph. After that Håkan had to go on a family event and me and Lars-Benny serviced the car for sundays eliminations.
The other guys did get two more rounds but no one could beat our time! It was for sure a great feeling to be # 1 qualifyier at our first outing with this new car and combination!
We want to thank the Plyler family, the Martin family, Gary Wingate, Parsons Bros, Tom Lundkvist with team and Mats jönsson with team for the help during this weekend and before this event. I am sure I have forgot someone and I am sorry for that but we are thankfull for all help and nice word we have recived during this project and we have a lot to learn...but right now it is for sure nice!!

The ladder for tomorrow looks like this:

1 Håkan Nilsson 4.215
8 Mats Brag 4.708

4 Rimbert V 4.451
5 Tom L 4.575

2 Patrik J 4.23
7 Sören M

3 Lars Olsson 4.333
6 Jonas E 4.604

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