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First outing with the New Car at Meca Raceway Wednesday 1/7

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 03 Jul, 2009 16:27

Welcome to our new blogg based website, it isn't finished totally and it's work to do on the design. But I will try and give some information during the weekend on this temporary web adress.

Håkan, Markus and Benny has been working good to get the car ready to go and it looks just awesome!!

Everything was ready to go when I came in this wednesday after my 7 hour drive.
We started it up and checked the timing and then loaded up and went to Meca raceway. We made a hit at the track but the same setting that made it in Darlington, SC didn't make it here...we then made some adjustments and went out for the second round. We are a little bit unused to this new combination but it worked out good and it picked up the front wheel and let off straight and nice.
It recorded a 1.03 60 foot and a 2.78 at 330 already off the trottle coasting down the track. I can tell that there was some really happy guys that could go home and have a good nights sleep.
We are now sitting here waiting on our first run today at 18.30 and then a new at 20.30. I guess that I will be out of time and will have next report out tomorrow afternoon.

Please check out the pictures, it is tools to get them all over the screen if you like..

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