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Mufflers for a Brad 6!!

For SalePosted by Ulf Stadig 19 Nov, 2011 18:25

Go street racing....Buy our mufflers for a Brad 6, expensive as hell to buy new. Was on the 57 when they ran "Big Dog" competitions in the US.

6000:- SEK

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For SalePosted by Ulf Stadig 28 Sep, 2011 20:49

Ram 3-disc 10 inch
Comes with stands to make it a 2-disc.
2 sets of discs and floaters.

20000 Sek

Håkan: +4670-5980755

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The 57 is still for sale!

For SalePosted by Ulf Stadig 19 May, 2011 19:48

I just wanted to tell that the 57 is still for sale and so is also the engine.
Come bye during the season if you are intrested in it.

Chevy -57 PM / TD
Built by GPS Race Cars updated by Stroupe Race Cars to blown spec.
112" wheelbase
MW Modular 9" with 4.56 rear gear and Santuff shocks
Ram 3 disc 10" clutch
Lenco 3 speed
Racepak V300, Has Manifold temp, Head temp, Fuelflow, EGT, Dash, Leahy Ignition Reading box for RP and all other normal stuff.
MSD Ignition with Six shooter.
Leahy / Electrimotion timer box and 4 Stage fuel management.

BAE Stage 6 engine with a Kobelco K11 blower.
Nice working engine, only broken part in two seasons is one valve
The car has best parts on the market for P/M.
Best ET 60 foot 0.99, 330 2.683, 1/8 4.084 @ 291 Km/h 1/4 6.36 @ 353 Km/h
The car has much left in it, has run 3.92 @ 1/8 in ADRL 2007.

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Brad 6 Engine

For SalePosted by Ulf Stadig 23 Oct, 2009 21:10

Our Brad 6 Engine is up for sale.
Complete hat to pan. BAE Pro Mod engine with a Kobelco K11.
New 2007 and with no runs 2008.
Friendly engine that has gone a few 4.08 / 292 km/h by "blown alcohol rookie tuners".

If you are intrested you are welcome to take part of our team to see how the engine works, make up your mind before the season is over...

Håkan: 070-5980755

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Trailer for sale!

For SalePosted by Ulf Stadig 07 Oct, 2009 14:18

The truck is gone.
United 38´ 2000 trailer. Winch, sun deck, lounge with A/C, 21´loading space, neck is 8x8`, 2 heavy duty axles.
Call for more info, or email.
Trailer is 170000:- sek, Have more pics.

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