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Winner pictures from our and the first SDS event of the season at Malmö Raceway 18-20 May

PhotosPosted by Ulf Stadig 26 May, 2012 18:46

We took the win at our and the first SDS Topdoorslammer race this season at Malmö Raceway!

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2012 Pre-season pictures from the rework on the Nilssonmotorsports 57.

PhotosPosted by Ulf Stadig 09 May, 2012 22:19

There has been work going on in the Nilssonmotorsports shop during the winter. Some small things has been updated and reworked to make it easier to work on the 57 and also some touch up's to get it look better.
There is new step-zoomies welded up for the car and there is some mounting for the gear box and some other parst that has been taking care of. Some new windows for the look and some paint on the chassis.
Now it's just 8 days left until the car hopefully will be ready to go down the track in Malmö 18-20 May for the first competition in the SDS Top Doorslammer Championship. The plan after that is to go to the FIA event at Tierp Arena 15-17 June.

Adding some pics from the work, they can also be found on:

www.pictures.nilssonmotorsports.com or on our Facebook page called Nilssonmotorsports, please "like" us there!

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Awesome Winternat's pics from Lars Owesson @ www.owesson.se

PhotosPosted by Ulf Stadig 17 Dec, 2011 22:47

Our @ www.pictures.nilssonmotorsports.com

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More pictures from Winternats!

PhotosPosted by Ulf Stadig 13 Sep, 2011 20:46

Could be seen here also: http://pictures.nilssonmotorsports.com/#34.0

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First set of photos from Winternat's 9-11/9 from Robin Bergman

PhotosPosted by Ulf Stadig 12 Sep, 2011 20:25

Can also be checked easier at www.pictures.nilssonmotorsports.com

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New Pictures from Malmö Nationals.

PhotosPosted by Ulf Stadig 13 Jul, 2011 22:27

Added some nice photos from our latest mechanic Christian Laursen's father Jonas.

Please check them out here our on: www.pictures.nilssonmotorsports.com

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Winter Nat's pictures from Conny Brorson.

PhotosPosted by Ulf Stadig 16 Sep, 2010 13:59

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Bad place for watching our photos.

PhotosPosted by Ulf Stadig 17 Aug, 2010 22:16

It's not the best place to watch our photos on this site so if you go direct to the pictures site it's a little bit better.

Can be found here:


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