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Former 5 Time European Promod Champion and First Swedish FIA Top Fuel Champion...

Schedule / Results 2012.

Schedule/ResultsPosted by Ulf Stadig 17 Jan, 2012 21:02

18-20 May, Top Doorslammer SDS Cramo Nationals Malmö Raceway, Sweden
WINNER in 16 car field, came in as an alternate. Ran 4.11 as best and won two rounds on holeshots!

10-11 Aug Top Doorslammer Power Street Finals, Malmö Raceway, Sweden
DNQ # 9 @ 4.492 / 188 Km/h

7-9 Sept, Top Doorslammer SDS Winter Nationals, Malmö Raceway, Sweden
Qual # 10 @ 4.147 / 275.24 Km/h. Lost first round.

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Race Schedule / Results 2011

Schedule/ResultsPosted by Ulf Stadig 03 Dec, 2011 13:32

Might be to late to get the 2011 schedule out now but I will put out our results and were we did race 2011.

20-22 May: Cramo Nationals Malmö Raceway Malmö,Sweden
Qualified 4:th @ a new PB of 4.043 / 287.14Km/h - 178.5Mph.
Due to personal commitments and a rescheduled elimination we couldn't run the eliminations.

10-12 June: Sweden Internationals Tierp Arena Tierp, Sweden
Qualified 20:th @ 6.34 / 351Km/h - 218Mph. Din't have enough for the quick field and couldn't really get the car up in speed at the first half on the track. That killed this weekend. Almost planned to quit racing.

1-2 July High five points: Malmö Nationals Malmö Raceway, Sweden
Qualified 1:th @ 4.19 / 273Km/h - 169Mph. WINNER of the event after running a string of 4.19-4.20, shock in the final but won. Did try to run a different clutch set up that didn't make us quicker.

12-13 August Power Street Finals Reunion: Malmö Raceway, Sweden
Qualified 4:th @ 4.48 / 200Km/h - 124Mp/h. Lost in the semi-finals running a 4.28. Had the new blower on and didn't find the right set up.

9-11 September Winternat's Malmö Raceway, Sweden
Qualified 2:nd @ 3.984 / 296.55Km/h - 184.3Mph. WINNER of the event after running a string of 4.01-4.04's. Got the set up real right for the first time in 2 years.
Didn't really try to improve the ET more, just wanted to go rounds and WIN!! Great ending to a pretty good, fun and fast season!

Will try and get possible 2012 schedule out before that season is ended...

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Race Schedule / Results 2010

Schedule/ResultsPosted by Ulf Stadig 26 Feb, 2010 20:32

This is how the schedule could look like for the Nilssonmotorsports team this upcoming season. But if the car show some early potential to run fast you never know where we could show up...

1-2 May Test ´n tune: Veidec Raceway Malmö,Sweden
We are not going to show up at this test session.

28-30 May Scandinavian Points: Veidec Raceway Malmö, Sweden
Qualified 11:th @ 4.54/274Km/h-170Mph. Rain came in when we were ready for the quarter final.

16-18 July High five points: Veidec Raceway Malmö, Sweden
Qualified 8:th @ 4.89/174Km/h-108Mph. Lost in the semi final.

30 July- 1 August Veidec Festival Mantorp Park, Sweden

Qualified 11:th @ 6,366/353.8Km/h-219.8Mph at our first "Blown" outing on the 1/4 mile. First round loser

13-14 August Power Street Finals Reunion: Veidec RW Malmö, Sweden
Quickest car for the 2 rounds we got before the rain took over, 4.15/279.63Km/h-173.8Mph. Became winners on that!

10-12 September Winternat's High Five P: Veidec RW Malmö, Sweden
Qualified 15:th, losing the final but went a season best 4,11/291Km/h-180.8Mph in the quarter final.

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Race Schedule / Results 2009

Schedule/ResultsPosted by Ulf Stadig 07 Jun, 2009 00:15

How the season schedule will end up is not really set in stone yet, and will depend on how the car and things comes around.

This is competitions we have been talking about to go to:

3-5 July: Malmö Nats @ MECA Raceway Malmö, Sweden. TSDS, HFP

Results: Winner and # 1 Qualifier @ 4.215 / 271.50 Km/h - 168.7 Mph

7-8 Aug: Power Street Finals @ MECA Raceway Malmö, Sweden

Test event: Quickest @ 4.084 / 282.34 Km/h - 175.5 Mph

21-23 Aug: TBA @ MECA Raceway Malmö, Sweden. TSDS, HFP

Results: Winner and # 1 Qualifier @ 4.102 / 282.72 Km/h - 175.7 Mph

4-6 Sep: Winternationals @ MECA Raceway Malmö, Sweden. TSDS, HFP

Results: Did not Qualify # 9 @ 8.881 / 117.89 Km/h - 73.3 mph

TSDS stands for the Toyo Scandinavian Dragracing Series and HFP is High Five Points that you can collect from some various track that this series is going to.
For complete information check out there website at:

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