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3.993 @ Winternat's Malmö Raceway!!

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 09 Sep, 2011 15:56

Finally it's done!!

3.993 / 295.45Km/h 183Mph

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Saturday at Power Street Finals @ Malmö Raceway.

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 13 Aug, 2011 13:36

We have now made two hits on the track today, we used pretty much the same set up as yesterday and this time it also shook the tires on the top of first gear due to low wheelspeed. We ran a 1.037 60 foot.

Then we went back and made a pretty big crossover on our tune up and this time it started to shake and smoke the tires early of the startline. It was some good indications so we have now made some smaller adjustments and hope that it will help us to get happy.

We were standing ready in the line for a elimination run against Michael Nord in The Brag brothers Camaro but there came some small rain drops so we had to get back to the trailer and waiting. Unfortunatly Michael is a no show as the crank is hurt in their car.

We are very eager to get more runs on the car as it feels much stronger with the new blower!!

The ladder is like this:






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Done for the day.

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 12 Aug, 2011 20:49

We managed two hits on the track. First run was a small shaking drifting 1.022 and 2.70 lifting before that and rolling in on a 4.48 / 200 km/h.

Made some adjustments for a second try but the stage RPM was goofy so the engine went to high resulting in the car creeping of the startline.

Have now checked everything and are loaded for tomorrow.

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Power Street Finals Reunion at Malmö Raceway!

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 12 Aug, 2011 16:55
We are now at Malmö raceway and are prepairing the Nilssonmotorsports 57 for it's first run. it looks pretty promising with weather and the track temp, we could need some sun to get the temps up a little bit. During the last weeks Håkan and a lot of people has helped him to fit a new (used) blower on the car. It's for sure going to be intresting to see whats happening when we are dropping the clutch this time. Will try and get back with info if I have time for it between tuning.

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Malmö Nationals reflections.

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 10 Jul, 2011 12:05

Now one week has gone since the win at Malmö, it was nice to make some runs again after the Tierp event.
This time we tried to tune the Nilssonmotorsports 57 in a kind of different way than we have been doing earlier.
The plan was to slip the clutch more and see how everything worked out then, the car got down the track pretty good but since the track was really good and the air was not the best, that gave us some problems to get the car to perform in the low gears. It might be that we didn't slip the clutch enough but we might try this out more at another time.

It was really sweat to get a win after a string of 4.20 runs but the need for speed is still there and we will try our old way to run the car at the next event.

Our next outing will be the Power Street Finals Reunion at Malmö Raceway in the middle of August, in our two outings at that event we have been fastest and that's what we are looking for for this time also!! The 3-sec run must come then!!!

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Victory at Malmö Raceway!

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 03 Jul, 2011 14:45

We have now completed the event here in Malmö, we haven't had the best performance but we were in the 4.20 zone all the time.
In the eliminations we had solo runs all way to the final. We won the final were Håkan had to pedal for shake and ran a 4.55.

Loading up and will write more later.

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Saturday at Sweden Internationals at Tierp Arena.

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 12 Jun, 2011 08:07

Yesterdays qualifying was a hard work, there was a lot of cars running really fast to get in to the 16 car field that FIA Pro Mods are running.
We went out for the first round with good hope to improve our 6.34 from the friday run and felt that we had made changes that should help us.

The run looked good and smooth but what we did didn't help so it slowed with one hundred of a second to a 6.35 / 358. It felt really bad and we was on the 17 qualifying spot after that round.

The weather during the was freaking hot and sunny but it is hard to complain, it's a lot worse with cold tracks and rain...

To the second run of the day the bump spot for getting in to the elimination field was a 6.28 something with still a lot of cars able to run fast still outside.
We were now getting a little bit worried and made a few big changes to get more power so the car should go faster and get in to the field.

Getting out on the track before our run I could see that the heat had made the track a little bit "hot, greasy and slippery", that toghter with our more aggresive tune up ruined the day for us. When Håkan let the clutch out it just went a few meters and then the 57 Chevy started to spinn and almost smoke the tires. He let of the pedal and rolled to the finish line.
This put us on the 20 qualifying spot, so it will be no runs for us today.

It was a really bad feeling and we are not that happy with this outcome but we are still not really used with running on good tracks like this and not either with running the 1/4 mile.

We will now go home later today and after that we will see what's up next for us!

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2 rounds made @ Sweden Internationals @ Tierp Arena

Race reportsPosted by Ulf Stadig 10 Jun, 2011 19:25

First day completed here at an awesome race track, the arena is good looking and the track has the potential to go fast on.
Unfortunatly we are not really there yet. First round for us was a little of a check out pass since this is the first time on a 402m track.
We decided that Håkan should let of a little early so we shouldn't hurt any parts and ran a 6.46 / 311 Km/h.
Everything looked good with the motor and all other stuff so we worked on a plan for the second and last round for today. We needed to step up and go faster so changes were made, we pulled out for our run and could see our buddies run fast in front of us.
This time we improved to a 6.34 / 350 so our changes helped but not that much that we wanted, but we are in the right direction and nothing is hurt so it is just to step it up more for tomorrows rounds.

The clutch is now out on the car and we are checking the engine and it looks really good, just need to put it toghter and work out a game plan for tomorrow.

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